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"Today a reader,
tomorrow a leader"

- Margaret Fullet

 체이스아카데미는 깊이 있는 독서 토론과 글쓰기를 통해, 비판적 사고력과 창의적 문제해결력을 키워줍니다.

  At Chase Academy, students engage with great works of English literature to develop their critical reading, speaking, and writing skills. Through their time at Chase Academy, students become better thinkers, not just more skilled users of English. 

Seo Yeon Park, Brown Uni

“ I knew that reading and discussion will develop fundamental skills, but I wondered if it would really boost my SAT score. But when I became confident in understanding and analyzing passages, high score simply followed."

Yeon Ah Choi, Oxford Uni

" I was surprised that we are focusing more on literature, rather than preparing just for the tests. By reading a range of classic books and having regular discussions with other students, I was able to achieve a good score even if I spent relatively less time in exam preparation."

Brandon Lee, Dartmouth Col

“ From the first question to the last one, I was able to stay focused throughout the test. Even when I encountered a difficult question, I learned to view the problem from different perspectives.”
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